How Much Does A Septic Tank Inspection Cost?

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How Much Does a Septic Tank Inspection Cost?

Septic tank inspection costs are an integral part of home maintenance costs that cannot be ignored. Such inspections are necessary to keep the system in good condition and to ensure the health & safety of residents. In this article, we will discuss inspection costs & related costs, factors on which the costs are dependent, and more.

So, how much does a septic tank inspection cost? The cost of septic tank inspection can vary based on the size of the tank, your location, ease of access, and actual contractor. The national average cost of inspection can range between $100 to $600 with most people having to pay around $392 for inspection, after considering all variables.

The cost of a septic tank inspection can vary depending on the location of the property, the condition of the tank, and contractor charges. Keep reading, to know more about what is included in the cost, how much you might have to pay as per the size of the tank, and a lot more.


Septic Tank Inspection Costs – What is Included?

Septic tank inspection costs generally include the costs of inspecting all the pipes, an inspection of the leach field, and the pumps. There are many companies that include this as a part of the annual maintenance process as well.


Specialists usually carry out the following tasks during an inspection process:

  • They check the date on which the tank was pumped last
  • They check the sludge level with the help of a device
  • They check the surroundings or the location of the septic tank. They check if it is away from streams or well.
  • They ensure that the septic tank is of the right size considering the number of members using it.
Understanding Septic Tank Inspection Process


Frequency of Getting Your Septic Tank Inspected

Experts suggest that a septic tank can be inspected once every three years. Most people do not usually get the inspection done unless there is an issue with the system. However, if the septic tank is inspected once every 3 years, it helps in avoiding major problems.

The cost of septic tank inspections depends on the following:

·      The last time you had your tank inspected

·      Why do you wish to have it inspected now? Is it a routine inspection or you have one specific problem?

·      Your location – the State where you are in does have an influence on the price

·      The contractor charges

Need for a Septic Tank Inspection – Why Spend Money on Inspection?

Now that you know the inspection costs of septic tank, how do you decide if you need to get the inspection done?

What is the need for septic tank inspection?

·      Purchase and Sell of Property – Inspections are a must when you are buying a new property or selling your property. It is a kind of unwritten rule to hire an inspector for inspecting.

  • Essential for Health and Safety – Scheduled inspections are important to ensure that people living in the property are safe and healthy.
  • Can Save Expensive Repairs – During septic tank inspections, any fault in the system is detected early and repaired on time. If detected later, it might cause expensive repairs.
  • Ensures Satisfactory Working – Scheduled and regular maintenance ensures satisfactory working of the system. Spending money on inspections is cheaper than having to replace or repair the septic tank.


Scheduling a Septic Tank Inspection – Reasons

Homeowners are often confused about scheduling a septic tank inspection. To be on the safer side, here are some signs which you can consider and schedule the inspection.

·      You Notice Problems – If you are noticing problems in the form of unusual and foul stench, weak flushing toilets, sinks which are draining very slowly, wet spots around the tank and similar unusual problems, you should schedule a septic tank inspection.

·      Remodeling your Home – If you are remodeling your home, you must ensure that your septic tank can take the challenge. Thus, get the system checked.

·      You Returned Home After Years – If you were not residing in the house for a long time and have returned to settle down, it is recommended to get the tank inspected. It might be damaged or in need of repairs.

·      You Cannot Remember When it was Last Inspected – It might happen that you have forgotten when it was last inspected, or you are unsure. It is recommended to schedule an appointment.

·      It is a New Property – If you have purchased a new house and septic inspection was not a part of home inspection process – you should have it inspected.

·      You Plan to Sell Your Property – To ensure that your property fetches a good price, you have to ensure it is in good condition. Septic tank inspection is one such process that is essential.

Preparing for a Septic Tank Inspection – Saving Money and Time

As you get in touch with the professionals, you can prepare in advance for the septic tank inspection process.

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Get the Plans for the Septic Tank – Get the copy of the septic tank site plan. You will be able to save time and money spent on locating the septic tank if you have the plan ready with you.
  • Ensure that The Access is Easy – Your septic tank should be in an open space but still at times it gets difficult to get an access to the tank. You can spend some time to brush away any clutter or obstruction that might come in the way of inspection.
  • Prepare Problems or Issues You Want To Discuss – As the contractor arrives, you can discuss any issue you are facing with the system. These can be problems related to weird sounds, slow draining, or problems of the drain field.

Types of Septic Tank Inspections:

There are generally two kinds of inspections done by specialists. It is up to you to select the kind of inspection you need.

Visual Inspections:

  • This is usually done when a property is bought or sold.
  • The inspector asks questions related to the property, about the last inspection, and more.
  • The inspector checks toilet flushes, leakages, cracks, water pressure and overall health of the system.
  • Existing surrounding conditions are checked for standing water, for cesspool, and drain field.
  • This is a quick inspection to ensure that conditions of the septic system are fine.

Full Inspection:

  • This is quite like visual inspection but includes more in detail.
  • Full inspection is performed by skilled experts who visit your premises with the right tools and equipment.
  • They also carry out a few tests to examine if everything is working properly.


Questions Related to How Much Does a Septic Tank Inspection Cost

·      Can I save money by inspecting the septic tank myself?

People try to save costs as they believe they can conduct the procedure themselves. However, beyond visual inspections, it is not possible to detect anomalies in the septic tank all by yourself. You cannot do anything beyond this.

  • Do I need a septic tank inspection now?

If you did not have your septic tank inspected for a long-time, you need to get it done immediately. Experts believe that every septic tank should be inspected at least once every three years. It helps in saving costly repairs.

No two contractors will charge you the same for septic tank inspection. A lot depends on your location as well. Thus, contact your provider and ask for a quotation. You can schedule an appointment after getting a clarity on everything.



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