How to obtain a septic tank permit in West Palm Beach Florida

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How to obtain a septic tank permit in West Palm Beach Florida

You can handle wastewater in your home in two ways. One way is through municipal sewer lines that transports the wastewater produced by your home to a treatment plan nearby. The other way is by using a septic tank. The latter is a more cost-effective option, as building, installing, and maintaining extensive underground sewer lines is costly. Septic tanks are also environmentally-friendly and durable.

Whatever your reasons for building a septic tank in West Palm Beach, you will first have to get a permit for it. Without it, you can start the installation process. The process of obtaining the permit is rather simple and straightforward.

It involves the following steps:

  1. Apply for a septic permit

The DOH-Environmental Health Palm Beach County is responsible for issue new septic permits in West Palm Beach. Fill out and submit application form (DEP4015 Page 1).

  1. Include a site plan with your application

A site plan (DEP4015 Page 2) must be submitted along with the application. You will also have to submit a Zoning and Floor Plain form, a floor plan of the interior of your home, and document proving your ownership of the home.

  1. Pay the application fee

The total fee you will pay includes the application fee and the site evaluation fee.

You cannot get approved for a septic permit without a site evaluation. That is a must, regardless of whether you hire the staff of your local health department for the job or you a qualified person.

If you wish to get the inspection done outside the health department, you can hire a Florida-licensed engineer, a licensed septic tank contractor, a Florida-licensed soil scientist, or a certified person for the job.

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