How to obtain a septic tank permit in Orlando Florida

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How to obtain a septic tank permit in Orlando Florida

Before you start the installation of a new septic tank in Orlando, you will need a septic permit. Wondering how to get one? Don’t worry, we will lay down all the details for you.

Steps to get a septic tank permit in Orlando Florida

The Environmental Health Section of the Florida Department of Health (FDH) issues new septic tank permits. Here is the process for obtaining a new septic tank permit in Orlando.

  1. Download, fill out, and submit an application

You can start the process of obtaining a septic tank permit by downloading this application form (DEP4015 Page 1). Next, fill it and submit it.

  1. Submit a site plan

With your application, submit a site plan (DEP4015 Page 2). You will also need to attach a Zoning and Floor Plain form, a floor plan of the interior of your home, and a document that proves your ownership of the property in question.

  1. Pay the fee

A site evaluation is needed to get a new septic tank permit. You can have the local health department perform this for an extra fee or you can hire a third-party. Keep in mind that only a Florida-licensed engineer, a licensed septic tank contractor, a Florida-licensed soil scientist, or a certified person can perform the site inspection.

Here is what you will need to pay as fee for a new septic tank permit in Orlando.

  • Application submitted along with a Site Evaluation (performed by a certified person) – $320
  • Application submitted without a Site Evaluation (to be performed by Health Department) – $435

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