How to obtain a septic tank permit in Brevard County Florida

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How to obtain a septic tank permit in Brevard County Florida

Obtaining a septic tank permit in Brevard County, Florida, is rather uncomplicated. The Florida Department of Health in Brevard County Environmental Health Services, through the OSTDS construction program, not only permits but also inspects and regulates the construction of all new septic systems, as well as modifications and repairs to existing septic systems.

If you want to install a new septic system in Brevard County, Florida, you must obtain a permit from this office. Those who want to make modifications or changes to an existing septic system also require an official approval.

Things Needed for a New Septic System Permit in Brevard County Florida

  1. Septic Application

The first thing you need to do is apply for a septic permit. For that, download, complete, and submit this Application Form.

  1. Site Plan

Along with your septic application, submit a Site Plan (page 2) and a building floor plan.

  1. Pay the required application fee

You will need to pay the necessary application fee to your local county health department. Before you are approved for a septic permit, a site evaluation needs to be carried out for determining the conditions on your site. Only qualified professionals can perform a site evaluation. If you want, the health department of your county can perform this in return for a fee.

The local health department is also going to determine the total fee you must pay to obtain a septic permit. The total fee depends on two things:

  • The kind of septic system you wish to install
  • The type of services you want the local health department to perform

To you find all this information overwhelming? Thankfully, there are many resources, like Florida Statutes and Chapter 62-6 that can help you.

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