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How to obtain a septic tank permit in Jacksonville Florida

Whether you are installing a septic tank in a residential or business site in Jacksonville, you need a septic permit. Without one, you cannot install a new septic tank. The good news is that obtaining a septic permit is not difficult. You can start the process by contacting DOH-Environmental Health Duval County.

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Next, download, fill, and submit the application form (DEP4015 Page 1). While you are at it, fill out and submit a site plan (DEP4015 Page 2) as well. You probably will also need to submit a Zoning and Floor Plain form, a floor plan of the interior of your home, and document proving your ownership of the home.

Now that you have submitted all the required forms, the next step is to get a site evaluation done and pay the required fee. A site evaluation is a prerequisite for a septic permit, so you cannot side-step it. You can have the staff of your local health department perform it in exchange for a small fee, which will be added to your overall cost. The other option is to hire someone from outside. But keep in mind that only qualified personnel can perform a site evaluation. The approved list includes someone who is a Florida-licensed engineer, a licensed septic tank contractor, a Florida-licensed soil scientist, or a certified person.

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