How many sprinkler heads for aerobic septic system?

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How many sprinkler heads for aerobic septic system?

Aerobic septic systems produce high-quality secondary effluent. You can disperse the treated wastewater over a surface area, like your garden, lawn, or backyard, using sprinkler spray heads.

So how many sprinklers heads for an aerobic septic system are needed? At least two spray heads are needed for dispersing the treated wastewater. Of course, you can have more spray heads if you want. The spray sprinklers must distribute the effluent uniformly over the entire length and breadth of the spray irrigation field.

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How many sprinkler heads for an aerobic septic system are needed?

Aerobic septic systems produce high-quality secondary effluent compared to anaerobic septic systems. This they achieve by two things:

  • Aerobic bacteria – The aerobic septic system get its name from the bacteria it uses to break down solid waste. Aerobic septic units use oxygen-dependent bacteria, called aerobic bacteria. Experts believe they treat wastewater more efficiently than anaerobic bacteria. You can add bacteria to your septic tank with additives like Septifix.
  • Chlorinator – In most cases, effluent released by an aerobic septic system is disinfected before it is dispersed over a spray irrigation area. It is the job of chlorinator, which releases chlorine into the treated wastewater, to disinfect it. This ensures that the secondary effluent is of high-quality and safe for surface irrigation. Chlorine is the most preferred disinfectant, but you can use any other disinfectant if you want.

The wastewater from an aerobic system is dispersed via spray sprinklers. Septic guidelines require you to use at least two spray sprinklers, but you can use more if you want. In fact, if the spray irrigation area is sufficiently large, two spray sprinklers will not be able to cover the entire area.

Regardless of how many spray sprinklers you use, it is important to ensure that they provide uniform distribution of treated wastewater over the complete irrigation field.

Aerobic spray systems come with a timer that controls the dispersal of effluent. Generally, local bodies stipulate that dispersal should happen during a certain time period, like between 1:00 am and 6:00 am. With the help of the timer, you can set an appropriate time for pumping. Once you set a particular time, your aerobic unit will distribute wastewater daily at that particular time only.

If you want you can also turn the pump on at any time. To do this, follow the steps listed ahead:

  1. Open the control panel of the aerobic septic system
  2. You will see a dial which will have a notch or a button (usually white in color)
  3. This button is by default in its middle position, which means the system will pump out the wastewater as scheduled by you.
  4. If you want to spray on demand, simply push the button up (you will hear a clicking sound when you do so)

Keep in mind that if you leave the button in its top position, the system will automatically pump out effluent whenever the flow is up. The system will continue to disperse wastewater until the flow is down.

You should not push the button down because that will turn off the pumping, causing the wastewater level in the tank to rise.

As to the question of the minimum spray irrigation field area required, well, that depends on the following three factors:

  • Soil group
  • Total number of rooms in your home
  • Net evaporation zoning of the spray irrigation area

Why is Disinfection of wastewater required?

If you are using spray irrigation as the mode of dispersal, the wastewater needs to be disinfected before it can be released. As said above, most people use chlorine, either in the form of chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine, for this purpose. Because chlorine is an excellent disinfectant, it is able to efficiently treat the wastewater before it is released onto a spray irrigation area. Having said that, you can use any disinfectant you want.

Using a disinfectant is not required in every instance, however. For example, if the wastewater is being dispersed by drip irrigation, it is not necessary to disinfect the effluent.

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Can I add or move the aerobic system spray heads?

Yes, you can certainly do that but there are some things you need to keep in mind. Homeowners may want to relocate spray heads for any number of reasons. For instance, you may be installing a pool due to which you need to shift the spray heads. Or, some parts of your lawn might not be getting sufficient water and you want to add more spray heads to ensure even distribution of the wastewater.

Whatever the reasons, it is possible to add or move spray heads of your aerobic septic system. But you must keep the following things in mind:

  • You need to hire a professional service to move an aerobic system’s spray heads. Also, it is necessary to get approval from the concerned authority first.
  • Spray field placement are usually governed by setback policies. Spray fields, almost always, have setbacks like swimming pools, property lines, surface improvements, ponds, water wells, drainage easements, and more. What this basically means is the spray field has to be a certain distance away from such features. The minimum distance requirement may vary from one location to another, so check with the body that regulates septic systems in your area. Generally speaking, the minimum distance is less if pumping uphill. If you are going to pump downhill, distance will likely be greater.
  • Septic regulations are there for good reasons. Therefore, always follow them. These regulations are in place mainly to make sure that wastewater is properly treated and doesn’t spill beyond your property. Keep in mind that you may get slapped with hefty fines if you do not follow local regulations.

You can get in touch with your local septic professional service for free phone consultation if you are planning to add or move the spray heads of your aerobic septic system.

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