Setting An Aerobic Septic System Sprinkler Timer

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Aerobic septic system sprinkler timer

Do you have an aerobic septic system and are wondering how you can set the sprinkler timer? If so, this post is just for you. Aerobic septic tank provides a much higher level of wastewater treatment compared to a regular septic tank. The effluent can be sprayed over a ground surface, like a lawn, using a sprinkler system, which works pretty much the same way as a standard lawn spraying unit. Aerobic septic system sprinkler systems usually come with a timer, which you can use to regulate when the pump can disperse treated wastewater through its sprinklers.

So, how can you set the correct time on an aerobic septic system sprinkler timer? You can easily set your septic system sprinkler timer by moving its outer and inner dials in the clockwise direction.

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How to set the correct time on an aerobic septic system sprinkler timer?

Today, almost every aerobic septic treatment unit includes a timer. This simple device allows users to regulate when the septic pump can disperse effluent through its sprinklers.

So, where is the aerobic septic system sprinkler timer located? And how do you set the correct time on it?

You will find the timer in the control panel of your aerobic septic system. Now, let us see the steps you need to perform to set the correct time on the timer.

  1. Once you have located the sprinkler timer in your aerobic system control panel, locate the small white triangle present in its upper right region. This small triangle (in the shape of an arrow) points toward the outer numbers of your septic tank timer. If it is working right, it will correspond to the correct time of day. For instance if it is 2 pm, the triangle will point to 2 pm on the dial.
  2. The timer is split into two halves, one of which corresponds to the PM hours and the other to the AM hours. Each half has 12 digits.
  3. In case the septic sprinkler timer is not showing the correct time, rotate the outer dial in the clockwise direction till it corresponds to the correct hour of day. For instance, if the aerobic septic system sprinkler timer is showing the time as 1 pm when it is actually 8:30 am, rotate the outer dial until the white triangle points to the correct hour (8 am in this instance).
  4. The inside circle representing a clock face shows you the minutes. Like the outer dial, you can adjust it by moving the minute hand in the clockwise direction. Continuing with the above example, move the minute hand of your timer until it points to 30 mins. So, now your timer is pointing to the correct time of day (8:30 am).
  5. That’s it. Now, your aerobic septic system sprinkler time is set to the correct time!

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How to the set the time to spray on demand?

The tics on the dial that are a little out show the time when the sprinkler will spray. The tics that are in show the time when the sprinkler will not spray. The little knob on the notch is the timer set up. If you want to spray on time, then you should have this notch in the middle.

If you want to spray on demand, you should move it up. If you want to turn it off, move it to the down position. But you should not leave the notch in the down position, because if you do, the pump will not work at all.

In other words, you should leave the notch in the middle or in the up position (on-demand). If the notch is in the middle position, the pump will spray the effluent as scheduled. If you leave it in the top position, it will pump on demand, meaning any time the flow is up, the pump will disperse wastewater until the flow is down.

What are the main benefits of an aerobic system sprinkler?

Septic systems are either aerobic or anaerobic, depending on the microbes the use. If the microbes present in the system thrive without oxygen, the septic tank is said to be aerobic. On the other hand, if the microbes require oxygen to thrive, the tank is anaerobic. Both offer unique advantages, but many people prefer aerobic systems because they provider much cleaner treated wastewater.

The other advantage is that you can install an aerobic septic system on residential properties which don’t have appropriate soil needed for a regular absorption field, like clay or rocky soils. Also, compared to anaerobic septic systems, aerobic ones are more flexible, which means they can be installed on challenging lots. However, the biggest advantage of aerobic systems is that they are “green.” In other words, water that you use in your home is recycled and used for your lawn. The wastewater generated by your house is effectively treated by an aerobic septic system before it is sprayed on to the lawn through a spray system.

How to take care of your aerobic septic system?

Here are some tips to help you take care of aerobic septic system:

  • Go easy on chemicals. Chemicals, like those found in bleaches, medicines, harsh detergents, etc., can prove harmful for microbes that play such a crucial role in breaking down waste in the septic tank.
  • Do not overload your septic tank. If you regularly send more wastewater to your tank than what it can handle, all sorts of problems can arise.
  • Take precautions to ensure your septic tank does not freeze up. Put a 8-10 inch thick layer of mulch over the pipes and tanks for extra insulation.
  • Use septic tank friendly toilet papers. There are toilet papers and then there are eco-friendly toilet papers. You should consider using more of the latter type if you care about your septic tank.

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