Where to Buy Septic Tank Risers?

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Where to buy septic tank risers

Finding and digging up the septic tank lid can be troublesome. What is more, many people are not even aware about where the septic tank is located. Some find the physical effort of digging the septic tank lid too much. Of course, a professional septic tank service will do all the hard work, but that may cost you a pretty penny. Is there no simple way of finding where the lid is located? Some people consult their house design layout which may give an indication as to where the septic tank is located. Others depend on visual cues, like a patch of grass where it has no business to be present. But it you have septic tank risers, locating the lid is a walk in the park. In fact, some counties, like Oakland, have made septic tank risers mandatory. Others may require risers on new septic tank installations.

So, where to buy a septic tank riser? You can buy a septic tank riser online. Another option is to visit your local hardware shop.

In this post, we will discuss everything relevant to septic tank risers, include what they are, how much they cost, and their pros and cons.

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What is a septic tank riser?

A septic tank riser is basically a pipe made of concrete, fiberglass, or plastic. By creating a vertical portal on the ground surface, a septic tank riser makes it easier to access your septic tank for pumping out and inspection. You can leave the lid exposed if you want. Else, cover it a thin soil layer.

There are different risers available in the market, so you should have no trouble finding one that matches your needs perfectly. Some risers are sold as part of a kit, and depending on the type of riser you buy, you might be able to install it yourself. Whether you install the riser yourself or get it installed by professionals, keep in mind that any changes made to the septic system will need to be inspected by a certified inspector.

Where to Buy Septic Tank Risers?

You can purchase a septic tank riser from an online store or a brick-and-mortar. Septic tank risers are available in different materials and shapes. While concrete septic tank risers are likely to be a little costlier than plastic ones, they generally last much longer.

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How much Does Septic Tank Riser Cost?

The cost of a septic tank riser mainly depends on the material used for its construction and its size. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay somewhere in the range of $120 to $180 for a septic tank riser. If the riser you select is not DIY type, you will have to pay extra for installation.

A septic tank is a big investment, so spending a couple of hundred of dollars to keep it protected is worth it. Also, since a septic tank riser allows quick access to the septic tank for pumping and maintenance, which means you will no longer have to worry about expensive and ugly digs at maintenance time. Plus, with a septic tank riser installed, carrying out a visual inspection of the septic tank during winter is easy because no digging is required.

When it comes to septic tanks, some homeowners opt for the out-of-sight-out-of-mind approach. But this strategy is fraught with dangers and can lead to complex and costly repairs. A riser is a simple fix which can protect your septic system and keep expensive repairs at bay.

What are the Benefits of a Septic Tank Riser?

Septic tank risers offer many benefits, including the following:

  • Quick access to the septic tank during winter season even when Easy access during the winter months even when the soil is frozen
  • Quick access for septic tank pumping and maintenance
  • Obviates the need for digging the yard to perform septic maintenance
  • Serves as a visual reminder for your septic system

To some, the last advantage might appear counter-intuitive. After all, why would anyone prefer a visual reminder of their septic tanks? The answer is rather simple. Septic tanks require routine maintenance. This helps prevent costly repairs and prolongs the life of the septic system in question. With a septic tank riser installed, you will not only be able to easily locate the septic tank lid but also will not forget that you must get your septic system pumped every 2-3 years.

Installation Process

When it comes to septic tank risers, it is best to get them installed from professionals, though some kits are DIY types. Installing this equipment is not much different from any routine maintenance procedure related to your septic tank. If you are not sure about the location of your septic tank, the technician will locate it using an electronic device or using a bar to probe the ground. Next, they will dig up the ground surrounding the access hole. Next, the technician will place the pipe and re-fill the ground around it and secure it by placing at the top.

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