How to obtain a septic tank permit in Duval County Florida

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How to obtain a septic tank permit in Duval County Florida

Septic tanks are permitted and inspected by Department of Health-Duval Environmental Health staff. If you wish to install a new septic tank in Duval County, Fl, you must get the permission from the Florida Department of Health first. You cannot start any construction until you obtain this permission.

The process of obtaining a septic tank permit in Duval County, Florida is rather simple. Here is what you must do.

  1. Fill out the application form

First things first, download and fill out this application form. The instructions regarding how to fill it are included in the form. Once you have filled the form, submit it.

  • Submit a site plan

You must also submit a site plan. Click this link for the form.

  • Submit a building floor plan

Also, submit a building floor plan with your application.

  • Pay the required application fee

You can call 904-253-1280 to find out the fees.

A site evaluation is required as part of the application process. It helps determine the conditions on the residential property in question. Only a qualified professional can perform a site evaluation. If you want the local department to perform a site evaluation, you will have to pay an additional fee.

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