How to obtain a septic tank permit in collier county Florida

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How to obtain a septic tank permit in collier county Florida

Want to install a new septic tank in Collier County, Florida, but not sure if you need a septic tank permit?

All new septic tank installations in Collier County require a septic tank permit. This is where the local Environmental Health department comes in. It is responsible for handing out new septic tank permits, as well as for inspecting, permitting, and regulating septic systems.

So, what you need to do to obtain a septic tank permit in Collier County, Florida?

  • Download, fill out, and submit an application

Download and fill out this application form and then submit it. There is a detailed instruction sheet with the form, which tells you all that is required. Before submitting the forms, make sure all pages are signed and dated.

The fee for residential buildings is $399. If your site requires an evaluation, you will have to pay an additional $115.

  • Submit a site plan

You must include a site plan with your application form. The site plan must have all the information that is requested at the end of the application instruction sheet.

  • Floor plan, engineers design, and survey

Along with the site plan, you must submit a floor plan, a detailed system construction plans designed by a Florida-licensed engineer, and a copy of survey.

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