101 Septic Friendly Products You Need To Know About

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101 Septic Friendly Products

Owning a property that runs on its own wastewater treatment system brings with it a host of responsibilities like maintenance duties and usage best practices. In this article, we will make it a lot easier by providing you a comprehensive list of septic friendly household products.

Septic system trouble arises when excessive amounts of non-biodegradable matter and synthetic chemicals are allowed into the system. Whatever you pour down any drain affects how long your septic system remains in good working conditions. Harsh cleaning chemicals like bleach are typically synthetic and can actually eat away at the good bacteria in your drain and entire septic tank system. The absence of this good bacteria in your septic system will likely cause clogs, back-ups, foul odor, and a number of other costly problems that will wear away at your septic tank and, eventually, lead to a serious septic system problems. 

This is why it is vital that you use only septic-safe products (as indicated on the label). Many common household products bear these septic-safe labels, so choose wisely. Remember that biodegradable or environmentally-friendly products are likewise perfectly safe for use if what you have is an on-site septic system. We have compiled a list of 101 guaranteed septic system-friendly products for your household and personal use.

General Cleaning Aids (14)

List of 14 Septic Safe General Household Cleaners

Septic systems can handle most chemical cleaning products but in moderation. Using too many synthetic chemicals could alter the bacterial balance in your septic tank. This causes issues for the entire septic system like clogging, polluting the groundwater, and malfunctions in the drain field. Below is a list of guaranteed septic-safe, nature-based cleaning aids that you can use to clean your bathroom and kitchen surfaces without the need to worry.


NeverScrub – Automatic Toilet Cleaning System

NeverScrub automatically injects every flush water with a unique cleaning solution that prevents the formation of unwanted stains, mildew, and scum. NeverScrub fights stubborn stains caused by hard water and releases a concentrated cleaning solution with every flush. It’s been tested to be compatible with all septic system types and will not cause damage to any septic tank component.

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Aero-Clean Oxy-Boost Septic Safe Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Aero-Clean’s Oxy-Boost Multi-purpose cleaner is an environmentally-friendly bleach alternative cleaner. It is highly concentrated and does not contain artificial dyes, fragrances, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia or petrochemicals. Aero-Clean’s advanced formulae are extremely effective in cleaning tough stains and scum build-up.

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Ragarden Organic Cleaning Powder

Ragarden’s Hand Dishwash and Cleaning Powder is 100% non-toxic, non-GMO, herbal, organic, Eco-Safe and Sea-Safe. Use Ragarden to clean your sinks, toilets, kitchen and bathroom surfaces and even to wash greasy dishes. Ragarden’s Organic Cleaning Powder is non-soap and non-foaming; great not just for the home but for RVs and boats, too, designed to keep marinas and the ocean safe and clean. This kosher hand dishwashing soap and multi-purpose cleaning powder are guaranteed septic-safe.

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Panhome Automatic Hippo Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Panhome’s Automatic Hippo Toilet Bowl Cleaner conveniently cleans your toilet with every flush. Not only will it clean your toilet bowl, but Panhome’s Automatic Hippo also sanitizes and disinfects your toilet. Additionally, there will be no need to buy a separate air freshener for your bathroom as the Automatic Hippo Toilet Cleaner leaves you with fresh smelling toilet, more than just a clean, sanitary bathroom. Great for plumbing and septic systems.

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Ultra-Safe Laundry Cleaner

Ultra-Safe Laundry Cleaner is a powerful, yet all-natural, fabric soap. It is anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic liquid laundry soap that is safe for fabrics, laundry, carpeting, and upholstery. Proven to remove bacteria, Ultra-Safe Laundry Cleaner is color-safe, brightens naturally, and works on pet odors or stains. Guaranteed to work effectively with High Efficiency (HE) machines and is septic-safe.

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Effacera Disposable Toilet Cleaning System

Eliminate the need for germ-breeding toilet brushes with Effacera Disposable Toilet Cleaning System. The system’s refill is made from soluble man-made fiber, so you can just flush the dirty pad away after scrubbing away toilet stains. Effacera Disposable Toilet Cleaning is multi-purpose – can be applied to cleaning bathtubs, glass, mirrors, and other surfaces. Safe for septic systems.

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Walex Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer Drop-Ins

Walex’s Porta-Pak Deodorizer Drop-Ins are easy-to-use, quick-dissolving, portion-controlled packets that treat holding tanks fast. Porta-Pak is loaded with fragrance, non-staining dye, and the most potent odor control formula on the market.  Porta-Pak is popular in the RV and marine markets. Manufactured formaldehyde-free and biodegradable.

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

Introducing the unique and ultra-effective way to leave the bathroom smelling better than you found it. Spritz the bowl Before-You-Go with Poo-Pourri – a scientifically-tested formula made of essential oils and other natural compounds and none of the harsh chemicals like aerosol, parabens, phthalates, or formaldehyde. This special blend of essential makes Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray safe for the planet and septic systems. 

Finish Dual Action Dishwasher Cleaner

Finish Dual Action Dishwasher Cleaner effectively powers away grease and freshens your dishwashing machine. It can remove hard water stains and limescale build-up. It works by safely breaking down and eliminating mineral build-up inside your machine, up to the hard-to-reach parts like the heating element and sprayer arms. Finish Dual Action Dishwasher Cleaner is tested safe for septic systems.

Aero-Clean Mineral Magic Cleaner

Simple, safe, and proven effective in removing hard water deposits and rust stains, Aero-Clean Mineral Magic is a septic system-safe cleaner that’s environmentally friendly. Mineral Magic is highly concentrated and does not contain artificial dyes, fragrances, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia or petrochemicals.

Wild Tornado All-Purpose Quick Foaming Cleaning Detergent

Wild Tornado All-Purpose Cleaning Detergent is an effective quick-foaming cleaner great for toilets, washing machines, sinks, and floor tiles. Wild Tornado is also a powerful sink and drain cleaner that gets the job done by easily dissolving grease, hair, paper, soap scum, oils and organic matter. More importantly, it’s tested to be safe for use with septic systems.

Ultra-Safe Degreaser

Ultra-Safe Cleaner-Degreaser is a hypoallergenic, non-toxic, powerful spot and stain remover. Use Ultra-Safe Cleaner-Degreaser on greasy or oily surfaces — carpet spots, oil stains on cement, greasy machinery, grimy laundry, ovens, even pots, and pans. Ultra-Safe Degreaser is dishwasher-safe and biodegradable, made with 100% organic, eco-friendly ingredients. It is powerful, yet gentle enough for even kids to use it! Guaranteed septic-safe.

Aero-Clean Septic Safe Glass Cleaner

Aero-Clean Glass Cleaner’s advanced formula is extremely effective in cleaning all types of glass surfaces. Simple, safe, and effective, Aero-Clean’s Glass Cleaner is highly concentrated without harsh ingredients like artificial dyes, fragrances, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia or petrochemicals. Tested septic system-safe and friendly to the environment.

Puracy Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

Puracy’s Natural All-Purpose Cleaner delivers superior results, guaranteed to clean any hard surface safely and without streaking. It gives you residue-free results on your kitchen countertops, bathrooms, furniture, electronics, hardwood floors, finished wood, car dashboards, and a whole host of other surfaces like chrome, granite, glass, metal, plastic, porcelain, painted surfaces, and a lot more. Its plant-based formula effectively removes food, grease, oil, sugar, and other forms of dirt or grime. Its natural and non-toxic formulation makes it safe for use around children and pets, Puracy Natural All-Purpose Cleaner is hypoallergenic, gluten-free, vegan, and biodegradable.

Dishwashing Soaps (18)

septic dishwashing soaps
18 Dishwashing Soaps that are safe to use in your septic system

Mild dish detergents are best to use if your home is operating on its own septic tank. Septic systems rely heavily on healthy bacteria to break down the waste in preparation for settling and dispersal to the soil. Harsh and toxic soap products can harm this natural bacterial action. Soaps labeled “anti-bacterial” can be most harmful to your septic tank. While single-use has little to no effect, regular hand and dish-washing with anti-bacterial agents can inhibit the life and work of the healthy bacteria in your septic tank. The excessive introduction of anti-bacterial products into your septic may cause significant destruction to this healthy bacteria population.

Finish Quantum Ultimate Clean & Shine Dishwashing Tablets

The new Finish Quantum Dishwashing Tablets scrubs degreases and shines. Finish Quantum’s quick-dissolving tablets wash away residue, breaking down and lifting away even the toughest messes. With 3 separate fast-dissolving chambers, delivering 3 different power actions: Powder for scrubbing power to break down and remove food residue. Gel for grease-cutting power. Liquid Powerball that’s filled with power actions that dry and deliver a finishing boost of shine. Finish Quantum tablets are safe for septic systems.

Aero-Clean Oxy-Dish Dishwasher Detergent

Aero-Clean’s Oxy-Dish Dishwasher Detergent is an ultra-concentrated automatic dishwasher detergent with the power of Oxy-Boost. This septic system-safe and environmentally-friendly dish cleaner is highly-concentrated and do not contain artificial dyes, fragrances, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia or petrochemicals. Aero-Clean’s advanced formulas are extremely effective in cleaning away tough food particles and rinses away completely leaving no residue on your dishes.

Nature Clean Automatic Dishwasher Pacs

Nature Clean’s Automatic Dishwasher Pacs deliver high-performance results. You get dishes that are clean and free from residue. Manufactured without perfumes, dyes, phosphates, or chlorine and with 96% naturally-derived ingredients from plants and minerals. Nature clean is tested septic tank and greywater safe.

Bubble Bandit Dishwasher Detergent

Bubble Bandit Dishwasher Detergent is proudly handcrafted in small batches, preserving its natural ingredients and stricter quality control. Bubble Bandit is free of perfumes and dyes. It effectively eliminates limescale buildup, white film and water spots in hard water. Bubble Bandit will clean your dishwasher as well as your dishes. Guaranteed safe for septic and greywater systems.

Boulder Clean Liquid Dish Soap

Boulder Clean’s Liquid Dish Soap works great on dishes, glasses, utensils, pots and pans, crystal, pottery, ceramics – basically anything you typically wash by hand. It cuts through grease and removes baked-on food residue, leaving you with a clean shine. Boulder Clean’s Liquid Dish Soap is made with no phosphates nor gluten, thus very gentle on the hands. Boulder Clean has been awarded the EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year three years in a row with its plant-based formula. 

Just Naturals Aromatherapy Dish Soap

Just Naturals Aromatherapy Dish Soap is made in the USA, hand-crafted in small batches. Just Naturals is a top-performing concentrated, biodegradable dish soap that’s tough on grease but gentle on the hands. Not only does it naturally kill germs, but it is also soothing to the senses with its uplifting 100% pure essential oils. Free of sodium lauryl sulfate, guaranteed safe for you and the planet. 

Meliora Plastic-Free Dish Soap

A more sustainable cleaning option, Meliora’s Dish Soap pucks come in a paperboard box for 100% plastic-free cleaning. What’s more, Meliora is vegan, dye-free, preservative-free, brightener-free, and devoid of synthetic fragrances. 100% biodegradable, Meliora is truly safe for your home and the planet, yet tough enough to effectively cut through dirt and grime. It is also septic-safe and great for use around kids and pets.

Lifekind Natural Super Concentrated Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Powder

Wash your dishes without worrying about chemical tastes or odors. Lifekind’s Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Powder is a natural, super-concentrated phosphate- and chlorine-free dish powder that will efficiently wash your dishes and flatware without health or environmental hazards.  It contains natural fabric and water conditioners, grapefruit seed extracts, and detergent boosters that fight stains, mildew, and corrosion. It is likewise free from known carcinogens, chlorine, borine, phosphorus, quaternaries, nonylphenol, silicone de-foamer, MEA, EDTA, glycol ether, free silica, artificial coloring or fragrance. Lifekind’s products are formulated with the highest-quality naturally-sourced ingredients and thus are rapidly biodegrade, leaving no skin-irritating residues. Lifekind’s Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Powder is compatible with HE washers, and is septic- and greywater safe.

Great Value Fresh Scent Automatic Dishwasher Pacs

Great Value’s Automatic Dishwasher Pacs are made with enzymes and oxygen bleach that are tough on grease, stains, and residue. Manufactured with rinse aid (no pre-rinse needed) and free from phosphate, chlorine, and salt, Great Value is guaranteed safe for septic systems.

Kroger Home Sense Dish Pacs

Kroger Home Sense Dish Pacs boast of all-in-1 action. It effectively fights grease and removes food stains. All it takes is one pack for all this cleaning power. Made with Rinse Aid, there is no need to pre-wash your dishes. Kroger Home Sense Dish Pacs reduce film, leaving you with a sparkling clean shine. Guaranteed septic safe.

Natural House Dishy Automatic Dishwasher Packets

Natural House is known for its industry-first, cutting edge probiotic cleaning products. Dishy is a concentrated, professional-strength, all-natural, automatic dishwasher packet made with powerful, plant-derived scrubbing agents that can cut through dirt and lift grime from your dishes and silverware. Dishy is safe to use on any and all dish and silverware types. It comes in a convenient foaming water-soluble pouch application. Safe for use with your septic tank.

Pure Selects Auto Dish Gel

Pure Selects Automatic Dish Gel is a hypoallergenic, concentrated powerful cleaning solution for use with automatic dishwashers. It is all-natural, plant-based and free of bleach, phosphates, dyes, and added fragrance. Its clear formula is pH neutral, non-toxic and biodegradable. Pure Selects Auto Dish Gel; Automatic Dishwashing Detergent effectively removes dirt and food stains while leaving dishes shiny and clean. Safe for all automatic dishwashers and proven safe for septic tanks and greywater systems.

Kirkland Signature Premium Dishwasher Detergent Pacs

Kirkland Signature Premium Dishwasher Detergent Pacs boast of grease-fighting power with its enzyme action, power of activated bleach, and rinse aid. Fights grease and stains from coffee, wine, eggs, you name it. Get sparkling clean, streak-free dishes. Kirkland is incredibly easy to use, no unwrapping and no mess. Phosphate Free, Chlorine-Free, Salt-Free and, most of all, safe for septic systems.


Produced with the highest grade materials, Citra-Solv naturally-derived dish liquid soap powers through grease and baked-on food residue, leaving dishes, flatware, pots and pans clean and streak-free. Available in Valencia Orange (sweet & juicy), Lavender Bergamot (beautifully delicate), Lemon Verbena (fresh & invigorating) and Mango Tangerine (bright & sunny). For those who prefer a fragrance-free solution, Citra-Solv now offers the new Free & Clear Dish Soap, for the same (unscented) cleaning power. -Made with real essential oils, Citra-Solv dish liquid is safe for septic systems.

Siege Dishwasher Machine Cleaner

Siege Dishwasher Machine Cleaner removes limescale, mineral deposits, and rust, while formulated safe for all dishwasher interiors, including stainless steel. By dissolving the mineral build-up, Siege Increases water pressure in your machine. Siege Dishwasher Machine Cleaner is specifically formulated to remove the limescale, mineral deposits, and rust that build up in your dishwasher and reduce its water pressure. Siege Dishwasher Machine Cleaner is safe for all septic systems.

Better Life Sulfate-Free Dish Soap

Includes vitamin E and aloe and free of surfactants and petroleum, Better Life Dish Soap is 100% plant-derived. Better Life’s natural dish soap attacks grease without sulfates, keeping your hands nourished and protected from irritation. The vitamin E and aloe will soothe and moisturize your hands. Discover how pure plant power equals easy rinsing without residue. Go natural. Go Better Life Dish Soap.

Puracy Natural Dishwasher Detergent Packs

Puracy’s advanced plant-derived enzymes in its Natural Dishwasher Detergent Packs quickly target and break down stubborn food residue and stains without having to pre-soak or pre-rinse. Its mineral-based water softeners leave your glasses crystal clear and your dishes squeaky clean, even in hard water; Get clean ceramic, baby bottles, toys, pots, pans, casserole dishes, glass, plastic, silicone, crystal, porcelain, metals, and any surface that’s dishwasher-safe. Puracy’s Natural Dishwasher Detergent Packs are naturally-derived, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten-free, and biodegradable.

Puracy Natural Liquid Dish Soap

Puracy Natural Liquid Dish Soap is known for its superior cleaning power. It quickly cuts through grease, while naturally softening the skin of your hands. Even if you have hard water, you get fast-rinsing suds and spot-free surfaces. Its advanced plant-based ingredients produce deep-cleaning suds without the harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, perfumes, and other ingredients that may irritate the skin. Puracy Natural Liquid Dish soap is naturally-derived, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten-free, and most of all, biodegradable.

Paper Products (19)

19 Paper Products That are Safe for Your Septic System

A lot of us shop for toilet paper that is popular for being soft and/or plush. What we must remember is that the more “fluffy” toilet papers are manufactured with new wood fibers from our trees. You can read our article on the best septic tank toilet paper here. This is why environmental consumers opt for toilet tissue manufactured from recycled paper, instead. There are several brands of toilet paper available in the market which are marked as “septic-safe”. Generally speaking, this label is intended to indicate that the toilet paper has the ability to dissolve rapidly.

Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper

Cotonelle’s Ultra ComfortCare’s unique Cushiony CleaningRipples texture offers softness and removes more for a superior clean over the leading national value brand. This strong 2-ply bathroom tissue is 3x thicker, 3x stronger, and 3x more absorbent. Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper by Cotonelle is paraben-free is free of added perfumes and dyes. Soft, strong and effective, Cottonelle Toilet Paper is not only safe for your skin but is also safe for sewers and septic systems.

Presto! 308-Sheet Mega Roll Toilet Paper, Ultra-Strong

Up to 80% thicker and stronger (versus the leading 1,000-count brand), Presto! Ultra-Strong Toilet Paper is made with pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. This septic-safe bath tissue is also up to 80% stronger than the leading 1,000-sheet brand.

DUDE Wipes Flushable Wet Wipes

DUDE Wipes are 25% larger than the average flushable wet wipes, and they’re unscented, with naturally soothing aloe vera and vitamin E to protect your sensitive areas. Manufactured with plant-sourced fibers, the new DUDE Wipes is flushable and is also the brand’s strongest wipe yet.

Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

Caboo’s Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper is made from organically grown bamboo and sugarcane, both rapid-growing grasses that give us natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional tree-based bath tissues. Caboo’s Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper comes in 2-ply sheets that are soft and strong and provides the perfect combination of bamboo’s strength and sugarcane’s softest fibers. It is 100% biodegradable and septic-safe for all disposal systems. Likewise perfect for RVs, boats, camping, travel, backpacking, and more.

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper is specially made for use in RVs, boats, buses and similar applications. Scott’s Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper breaks down 4x faster than the leading brand. Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper is unscented and is Clog Clinic-tested and approved to be septic-safe and sewer-safe. What’s more, it is soft, absorbent, and gentle on the skin. 

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper

Silky, smooth, and soft, Quilted Northern Ultra Plush toilet paper offers 3 layers of silk-like comfort for a clean and luxurious feel you deserve. 3X more absorbent and 3X thicker, Quilted Northern Ultra Plush toilet paper is flushable and safe for septic and standard sewer systems. Quilted Northern toilet paper is Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified. It offers luxurious comfort and a cushiony, absorbent clean.

Angel Soft Toilet Paper

Enjoy a 2-ply bath tissue that’s septic and sewer safe, not to mention Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified (made with sustainably-sourced trees), with Angel Soft Toilet Paper. Their 2-ply toilet paper is guaranteed septic and sewer safe, so there is no need to worry with every flush.

Seventh Generation Toilet Paper

For more than 25 years, Seventh Generation has been thoughtfully formulating safe and effective plant-based products that are proven effective. Seventh Generation Free & Clear 100% recycled toilet paper towels are made with no added dyes, coloring, or fragrances. Their 2-ply bathroom tissue is designed for softness and strength. It is gentle on the environment, septic-safe, and RV-friendly, too.

Aria Premium, Earth Friendly Toilet Paper

Aria Premium Toilet Paper combines premium strength and quality after quality-controlled sustainable manufacturing. Aria Premium Toilet Paper is a strong, soft and thick 2-ply toilet paper that gives back to the planet without compromising quality and comfort. It is 50% thicker and 3x stronger when wet than the leading recycled brand, Aria Premium Toilet Paper is made with 100% renewable power and comes in 52% plant-based, recyclable packaging. This unscented toilet paper is biodegradable and septic-safe.

Scott One-Ply Toilet Paper Bath Tissue

America’s longest-lasting roll, Scott’s One-Ply Toilet Paper gives you fewer toilet roll changes for the family, thus more value for your home. It breaks up 4x faster than the average bathroom tissue, making it totally kinder to your plumbing and safe for sewer and septic systems. Perfect for use in boats and RV’s, too.

Freedom Living RV Toilet Paper

Enjoy spending more quality time in the great outdoors or with your family instead of unblocking smelly toilets and dealing with filthy septic tanks.

Freedom Living RV Toilet paper is 100% biodegradable and is perfect for RVs, small houses, rural vacation homes, boats, yachts, marine, camping, hiking, composting toilets, and other septic tank users. Safe for use with chemical toilets and septic tank systems as it dissolves completely in mere minutes, yet Freedom Living is gentle and durable.

Ambitex Toilet Seat Covers

Ambitex Toilet Seat Covers provide safe and hygienic protection for all public restroom users. Made with easy-flushing tissue thus reducing plumbing troubles. Ambitex is an eco-friendly public toilet solution that’s biodegradable and dissolves rapidly. Safe for use with septic systems.

Toilet Paper Roll by DKA Safe Care

DKA Safe Care offers worry-free flushable toilet paper that is strong, durable, and absorbent. DKA Safe Care’s soft and strong Toilet Paper is manufactured from high-quality materials with the highest quality standards. Plus, every Toilet Paper Roll is wrapped in a recyclable paper. Clog-free and septic-safe rolls will fit in any toilet paper holder and ideal for any bathroom.

AmazonCommercial Ultra Plus Toilet Paper

AmazonCommercial Ultra Plus Toilet Paper is a 2-ply tissue that offers a high level of absorbency from an excellent combination of strength and softness that’s likewise gentle on skin. Made with 100% virgin white paper, it is ideal for high-traffic commercial buildings such as offices, facilities, restaurants, schools, and others. Guaranteed septic-safe.

Plushi Paper Bath Tissue

Plushi Paper Bath Tissue is ultra-soft. It uses long and short fibers for that extremely plush feel. Plushi is gentle on the skin, as its 4-ply tissues are free of any dyes, perfumes, and harsh chemicals. Hypoallergenic and environmentally-friendly, Plushi Paper Bath Tissue is tested safe for use with septic systems, RVs, travel trailers, and boats. Made from virgin wood pulp, each sheet is designed to quickly dissolve rapidly upon contact with water, making it totally flushable without clogging your plumbing systems.

Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper

Get the same irresistibly soft toilet paper, now with 5x more sheets per roll! Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper that comes in Family Mega Roll is more of the softness you love, and more value as you get more sheets per roll. Charmin is more absorbent so you use less versus the leading bargain brand. Clog-safe and septic-safe, Charmin Toilet Paper is used by more residential plumbers than any other brand.

Cottonelle GentleCare Double Rolls Toilet Paper

Cottonelle Clean Ripple Texture toilet papers now come in Double Rolls that get you cleaner per sheet versus the leading brand. Soft and gentle, Cottonelle GentleCare Toilet Paper is not only delicate on your skin but is guaranteed safe for sewer and septic systems with Cotonelle’s SafeFlush Technology. Unscented and soft, our toilet paper is strong enough to keep you and your family comfortably fresh and clean.

Scott Flushable Wipes

Scott Flushable Wipes brings you a refreshing clean at a value you’ll love. Scott Flushable Wipes are fragrance-, dye-, and alcohol-free, making it hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin: Its fibers are 100% plant-sourced and 100% flushable.  It is backed by SafeFlush Technology, allowing it to break down immediately right after flushing, thus safe for septic and sewer systems.

Happy Little Camper Flushable Baby Wipes with Organic Aloe

Happy Little Camper Flushable Baby Wipes with Organic Aloe is made with natural and organic ingredients, reducing the risk of skin irritations and allergic reactions. Happy Little Camper uses no pegs, parabens, alcohol, silicone, dyes or perfumes. It is hypoallergenic to protect baby’s sensitive skin. Happy Little Camper closely follows INDA and EDANA guidelines for flushability. The packaging is likewise made with recycled materials.

Laundry Soaps (19)

19 Laundry Detergents and Soaps that are Septic Friendly

Generally, septic-safe laundry detergent should have low levels of surfactants. Surfactants are substances that tend to diminish the surface tension of a liquid in which these substances are dissolved. A detergent with natural surfactants produces fewer suds and foam than those with petrochemicals in them. Ideally, the label of your laundry soaps should likewise indicate that it is biodegradable.

Seventh Generation Concentrated Laundry Detergent

Seventh Generation’s powerful triple-enzyme formula effectively fights tough stains. Its concentrated detergent formulation washes up to 53 medium loads in high efficiency (HE) or standard machines. Scented with 100% essential oils and botanical extracts like bergamot, geranium, and vanilla, Seventh Generation Concentrated Laundry Detergent is a USDA-certified bio-based product made with 96% plant-based ingredients. As a leading green laundry detergent manufacturer, Seventh Generation is a proud manufacturer of biodegradable and EPA Safer Choice Certified detergents. 

Seventh Generation Baby Concentrated Laundry Detergent, Fresh Scent

Seventh Generation’s Concentrated Baby Laundry Detergent is specifically formulated to target tough baby stains like milk and formula residue, spit-up, pureed fruits, and other diaper disasters. Made with a quadruple-enzyme stain-fighting formula for premium stain removal, 100% essential oils and botanical extracts, and 0% synthetic fragrances, dyes or artificial brighteners. It is a USDA-certified bio-based product and great for baby’s clothes, cloth diapers, towels, and blankets. As a leading green laundry detergent manufacturer, Seventh Generation is a proud manufacturer of biodegradable and EPA Safer Choice Certified detergents. 

Euca Laundry Powder

Euca Laundry Powder is a commercial grade, premium laundry detergent that’s made with no insoluble, harsh alkalis or fillers which often trigger allergies if left stuck on clothes. It is made with a low-sudsing and totally soluble formula that works in hot or cold water. Euca Laundry Powder has very low sodium and phosphorous contents, making it greywater-safe and recycling your laundry water onto the garden helps our environment in many ways. Euca contains special emulsifiers and surface tension agents as well as eucalyptus oil that help transform soils to a water-soluble state. Scented with eucalyptus oil instead of synthetic fragrances, Euca Laundry Powder also acts as a powerful yet natural cleaner as well as a deodorizer and sanitizer. Euca Laundry Powder is not just safe – it is ideal for greywater and septic systems.

Aero-clean Septic Safe Laundry Detergent

Aero-Clean septic system-safe cleaners are highly-concentrated and do not contain fluorescent whitening agents, making it completely earth-friendly. It contains no EDTA or NTA (acids), phosphates or artificial dyes, fragrances, chlorine, formaldehyde, bleach or ammonia. Aero-Clean Laundry Detergent’s robust formula is safe for all washable fabrics and is extremely effective in both hard and soft water and all temperatures. Aero-Clean Laundry Detergent is guaranteed safe for septic systems.

Lysol Laundry Sanitizer Additive

When it comes to certain laundry loads such as children’s clothes or sportswear, you want your detergent to eliminate bacteria that can cause infections, illnesses, and lasting bad odors. Lysol Laundry Sanitizer is a great bleach-free laundry aid because detergents alone don’t actually kill all bacteria. Lysol Laundry Sanitizer is especially designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria left behind by ordinary detergents, while staying gentle on most fabrics, including whites and colors. Manufacturer guaranteed to be safe and suitable for use with septic systems.

Ultra-Safe Laundry Cleaner

Ultra-Safe Laundry Cleaner is a powerful fabric soap that is all-natural, HE- and septic-safe. Ultra-Safe is great for worry-free use with your carpeting, fabrics, laundry, upholstery, and around kids. Ultra-Safe Laundry Cleaner has been proven to remove bacteria as it brightens naturally. It is color-safe and effective on pet odors and stains! Keep your laundry room chemical-free with this powerful laundry cleaner guaranteed to work safely and effectively. 

Grandma’s Non-Detergent Laundry Soap

Grandma’s pure and natural soaps are made through traditional, hand-crafted methods to best preserve the quality and effectiveness of its all-natural ingredients. Grandma’s Non-Detergent Laundry Soap is a pure, natural laundry soap contains no detergents, dyes or fragrance that can irritate sensitive skin. It’s perfect for babies and those with skin problems. Grandma’s removes odor and oils from fabrics and rinses them all away. Its all-natural ingredients make Grandma’s highly-biodegradable and safe for septic systems.

Fuller Brush 100 Laundry Detergent

Fuller Brush 100 is packed with advanced enzymes for superior dirt and stain removal. Fuller Brush 100’s gentle formula is hypoallergenic and contains no dyes or fragrances, making it safe for even those with allergies and sensitive skin. It is safe for use on all fabrics, compatible with HE machines and standard washers, and most of all, Fuller Brush 100’s biodegradable and phosphate-free detergent is safe for any septic system. A trusted brand since 1906, Fuller Brush has provided high-quality, American-made products that are designed to work and built to last. 

Puracy Natural Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent

Puracy Natural Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent is backed by an award-winning, plant-powered formula. Puracy is safe for sensitive skin and those with allergies. This Natural Baby Liquid Detergent from Puracy contains no sulfates (SLS, SLES, SCS), bleach, or other toxic chemicals. Naturally-derived, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten-free, and biodegradable, Puracy Natural Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent is safe for use on delicate and dark clothing, microfiber towels, cloth diapers, and is safe for septic and greywater systems.

Good Natured All-Natural Eco-friendly Lavender and Eucalyptus Laundry Soda/Detergent

Good Natured All-Natural Eco-friendly Lavender and Eucalyptus Laundry Soda/Detergent is an all-natural, non-toxic, and unique blend of plant-based soaps that leaves clothes clean, soft and fresh. It’s hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and biodegradable formula contains zero petroleum-based detergents and no artificial fragrances. Compatible with both HE and standard washing machines, this all-natural laundry detergent made by Moms in Maine leaves no residues and is low-sudsing. Only plant-based soaps, biodegradable salt-based minerals, and fresh lavender and eucalyptus essential oils were used to make this effective all-natural laundry detergent that thoroughly cleans your laundry and leaves it smelling fresh and natural.

Bubble Bandit Laundry Detergent Powder

Bubble Bandit Laundry Detergent Powder is a top of the line all-in-one powdered laundry detergent that’s USDA approved.  An effective cleaner at all temperatures and at low concentrations, Bubble Bandit’s unique institutional formula is blended with natural phosphates, soil dispersants, and optical brighteners with a fresh clean scent. It can be used with all top- and front-loading machines including HE machines and for washing all types of fabrics. Bubble Bandit Laundry Detergent Powder is also safe for greywater and septic systems.

Forever New Unscented Granular Fabric Care Wash Natural Organic Laundry Detergent

Forever New is Unscented Organic Laundry Detergent is safe, gentle, and effective in extending the life of new garments and can restore some older garments. Forever New Organic Laundry Detergent is a blend of citrus and sodas specifically formulated to gently clean, brighten, and prolong the life of your washables. The natural base gently cleans, then rinses completely from the fabric, leaving no residue which can damage the fabric’s fibers of the fabric and is suited perfectly for sensitive skin.  It is free of bleach, optical brighteners, dyes or phosphates. You can be free of worry with Forever New’s biodegradable, hypoallergenic, Organic Ingredients.

Heritage Park Fine Fabric Wash

Heritage Park Fine Fabric Wash is especially formulated to gently and effectively clean without causing damage to costly fabrics. Its concentrated formula works great with high efficiency and traditional top-loading washing machines. Heritage Park Fine Fabric Wash is the perfect blend of powerful cleaning enzymes, capable of removing tough stains while staying gentle on heirloom linens, garments, and most importantly, on sensitive skin. Its fragrance-free formulation contains no dyes, sulfates, phosphates (optical brighteners), chlorine, bleach, nor caustics. Heritage Park Fine Fabric Wash has a neutral pH level and is guaranteed biodegradable.

Sun Triple Clean & Fresh Laundry Detergent

Remove tough dirt and stains from your clothes with Sun Triple Clean & Fresh Laundry Detergent. Each container supplies up to 160 loads and is safe to use in all HE (high efficiency) washing machines. Sun Triple Clean & Fresh Laundry Detergent is a concentrated liquid detergent that’s biodegradable and safe for septic systems. 

Boulder Cleaners Natural Laundry Detergent

Boulder liquid laundry detergent leaves laundry smelling fresh and clean, yet is gentle on your clothes and is earth-friendly. Boulder Cleaners Natural Laundry Detergent is a concentrated formula that provides a better price-performance than the competition packed with 200 HE- and earth-safe loads per bottle. This 100% natural laundry detergent is natural and biodegradable and safe for septic and greywater systems. 

Pure Selects Laundry Soap

Pure Selects Laundry Soap is all-natural, fragrance-free, and dye-free. Pure Selects contains no optical brighteners, no phosphates, no nonylphenols, and no DEA. Plant-derived and formulated with coconut oil, Pure Selects Laundry Soap is safe for sensitive skin. It is HE-compatible and safe for all washing machine types and septic systems.

Nellie’s Oxygen Brightener

Restore the color of your clothes with the power of oxygen. Nellie’s All-Natural Oxygen Brightener will leave old, worn-out clothes looking and feeling fresh. Nellie’s Oxygen Brightener uses the power of oxygen to penetrate stains, strip away dirt, odor, and grime, and keeps your colors bright and your whites white. Nellie’s chlorine-free formula is color-safe, septic-safe, hypoallergenic, environmentally-friendly and biodegradable. 

Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox All Natural Laundry Soap & Fabric Softener

Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox All-Natural Laundry Soap & Fabric Softener is an all-in-one cleaner, deodorizer, and softener. This hand-made and healthy laundry soap-fabric softener combo leaves clothes soft and free from the waxy residues left behind by conventional detergents and fabric softeners. Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox’s natural and mild ingredients make it the ideal product for babies and people with allergies and sensitive skin conditions. It is safe for HE, top- or front-loaders and septic tank systems. Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox All Natural Laundry Soap & Fabric Softener is readily biodegradable.

Purex Mountain Breeze Dirt Lift Action Liquid Laundry Detergent

A staple laundry supply for any home, Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent is ideal for everyday use. It is specially formulated with stain-fighting power to go deep into fabric fibers to remove ground-in dirt and stains. This phosphate-free detergent is compatible with all types of washing machines, including HE (high efficiency). Safe for use with septic systems.

Note that the type of septic system you have on your property will actually determine which type of laundry detergents would be safest to use. For a conventional, gravity-powered system, it is ideal to use laundry detergents in liquid form On the other hand, for an aerated septic system, the better choice is septic tank-safe laundry detergent in powdered form so you can avoid excessive foam in the aeration chamber.

Drain Cleaners and Septic Treatment (17)

17 Septic Safe Drain Cleaners and Treatments

Certain conditions, especially those related to the location of your property and, thus, your septic system, actually make the use of septic tank additives beneficial. Read our article on septic tank additives here. Bear in mind, though, that septic tank additives are mostly meant to act as “boosters”, and not be relied upon solely as a “cure-all” for potential septic tank problems. When used with a healthy, well-maintained septic tank, septic tank additives will work well in protecting the efficiency of your septic system. Always, the keywords here are “well-maintained”.

Cabin Obsession Septic Tank Treatment

These dissolvable easy-flush live bacteria packets from Cabin Obsession are specially formulated to help break down waste and maintain a properly functioning septic system. Each packet contains billions of active bacteria cultures that are scientifically selected to produce, activate, and recharge the enzymes needed to reduce solids and decompose the different types of waste found in both the sludge and scum layers in your septic tank, even out into the drain field. Cabin Obsession Septic Tank Treatment is the easiest and most efficient way to prevent expensive tank backups and drain field repairs. Just flush one packet down your toilet each month. Each flushable septic treatment packet is all-natural, with no chemical additives. They’re safe for all home plumbing lines, and black water system or cesspool, and both aerobic and anaerobic septic systems.

Instant Power Septic Shock

Instant Power Septic Shock quickly reconditions a clogged septic tank or cesspool. Utilizing a formulated blend of beneficial live enzymes and bacteria, Septic Shock clears crystallized soil around the drain field, making it adequately porous. Also, enzymes help digest other organic material clogging the system. Instant Power Septic Shock dissolves paper, grease, soap, protein, and starches. It eliminates odors, too. Instant Power Septic Shock’s biodegradable contents help to restore the natural balance in septic tanks and cesspools.

GreenPig Solutions 52 Concentrated Formula Live Septic Tank Treatment

GreenPig septic tank bacteria keeps sewage flowing without restriction. It aids in the breakdown of septic waste to help avoid problems with clogging and back-ups. This treatment is populated with one billion septic tank bacteria that quickly multiply to absorb and digest sludge, grease, paper, and solid waste which could clog up your septic, cesspit, drain field, and/or mound systems. Simply flush one solupak down the toilet once every three months, and the packet will dissolve totally in your septic system. No mess, no fuss. Simple.  

Fresh Lemon Blue Septic Tank System Treatment

Prevent slow drains, high sludge accumulation, water backups, and septic clogs – all without damaging your pipes and fittings. Fresh Lemon Blue Septic Tank System Treatment uses a combination of friendly bacteria and tough, hard-working enzymes to eat away and digest the organic materials that can clog pipes, drains, and tanks. Contains Lipase to liquefy grease; Cellulase that breaks down paper and fibers; Amylase to destroy starch; Pectinase that liquefies pectin and gums; and Protease to blast away proteins. This septic tank cleaner does not contain any harsh chemicals, so you need not worry about polluting our environment.

Enzytabs Septic Tank System Treatment

Enzytabs Septic System Treatment is a powerful septic system treatment made of natural ingredients and helpful bacteria in easy-to-use effervescent tablets. Enzytabs tablets are highly concentrated and do not contain unnecessary fillers like most septic products do. Enzytabs helps prevent septic system backup by effectively degrading grease, starch, protein, and tissue for a long period of time. Enzytabs also helps reduce septic tank odors by continuously breaking down volatile fatty acids and other odor-causing organic buildup. Made with plant-based ingredients, Enzytabs Septic Tank System Treatment is completely biodegradable and safe for all types of plumbing.

Bio-Safe One Septic Solution – B.O.S.S

BOSS is a ready-to-use enzyme-packed blend of highly specific bacteria (and other natural ingredients) designed to provide continuous digestion and liquefaction of organic wastes found in both aerobic and anaerobic septic environments. BOSS is a natural, safe, effective, cost-saving preventive treatment which cleans, eliminates odors and maintains septic systems. The microorganisms, enzymes and neutralizing agents in BOSS dissolve accumulated solids, soaps, greases and oils that cause your drain pipes, drain field, and ground soil to clog. BOSS rapidly digests organic wastes in the tank and stops wastewater from backing up into your tank and home, along with unwanted sewage odors.

Septic Saver Two Pack Tablet 4 Month Treatment

Septic Saver from Microbial Science Laboratories is an industrial-strength septic treatment specifically formulated to prevent clogs and backups, keeping septic systems running optimally.  Microbial Science Laboratories Septic Saver tablets reduce dangerous nitrates in the septic tank by converting these nitrates into nitrogen gas. As the septic tank water flows out into the drain field, the nitrogen gas is released up into the atmosphere and not down into the water table, helping to keep the environment and any well water, streams, lakes, and waterways clean.

Roebic K-47-Q Cesspool Treatment

Roebic Cesspool Treatment blends aerobic bacteria and especially-cultured bacteria that accelerate the digestion of sewage waste. Roebic Cesspool Treatment does this without using harsh chemicals that can harm the natural bacteria needed by your cesspool or septic system to work properly. Roebic keeps the cesspool clean naturally and it is able to digest paper, Roebic Cesspool Treatment is easy to apply and is certified biodegradable.

Green Gobbler Septic Saver Bacteria Enzyme Pacs

Using the most powerful bacteria and digestive enzymes available, Green Gobbler Septic Saver Bacteria Enzyme Pacs digest grease, fats, oils, paper, and organic matter to keep your septic tank and sewer lines clear. Septic Saver’s powerful enzymes will digest organic matter that may be stuck within your main sewer lines to keep septic odors away. Green Gobbler’s environmental-friendly formulations are safer, stronger, and more effective than caustic chemicals. Green Gobbler Septic Saver Septic Saver Bacteria Enzyme Pacs are safe to use in all septic tanks, pipes & plumbing systems. 

Remelo S Drain Cleaner Sticks

With Remelo S Drain Cleaner Sticks, you can save money on plumbers and drain snakes as Remelo S’ powerful enzymes break down oil and grease to keep your drains free of clogs or blockages. It likewise eliminates embarrassing odors from drains and clogged sinks, with just 1 cleaner stick per month. Remelo S Drain Cleaner Sticks are made with no toxic chemicals and are 100% safe for plumbing and septic tanks.

Septic Flow Bacteria-Plus Septic Saving Enzyme Packs

Each Enzyme Pack by Septic Flow effectively maintains good septic balance by restoring the biological population of the helpful bacteria and enzymes. These active ingredients reduce solid wastes in septic tanks by effectively digesting them. Septic Flow Bacteria-Plus Septic Saving Enzyme Packs effectively help to reduce floating and settled solids in the septic tank, diminishing the risk of such flowing over to your drain field. Septic Flow’s Bacteria-Plus Enzyme Packs are environment-friendly and are packaged in convenient, dissolvable packets that are easy to use in septic tanks, grease traps, holding tanks, and even sinks and other drain lines.

Industrial Odor Control Bacteria Septic Additive with Enzymes

Industrial Odor Control’s Bacteria Septic Additive with Enzymes aids in the natural digestion of organic material in your septic system. Industrial Odor Control’s formula contains multiple enzymes, including amylase (for the digestion of starches from food products), protease (for digesting proteins from meat), cellulose (for digesting the cellulose found in toilet paper), pectinase (for digesting the pectin found in vegetables and fruits), and lipase (which digests fats). Their bacteria are nonpathogenic and powerful and will consume organic matter and turn these into CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and H20 (Water). The bacteria in Industrial Odor Control’s Bacteria Septic Additive with Enzymes can live with or without air, making it the perfect solution for both aerobic and anaerobic environments.  

B.O.S.S. Patented Bacterial Enzyme Septic Tank Sewage Management Treatment

B.O.S.S.’s Patented Bacterial Enzyme Septic Tank Treatment is a natural, safe, effective, and money-saving treatment which cleans and maintains septic systems, and eliminates septic odors. The microorganisms, enzymes, and neutralizing agents in BOSS effectively dissolve accumulated solids, soaps, greases and oils that may cause clogs within your system. BOSS rapidly digests organic wastes in the tank and stops wastewater from backing up into home along with foul odors. This natural treatment is designed to provide continuous digestion of organic wastes in both aerobic and anaerobic septic systems.

BIOAIM Powder Septic Tank Treatment

BIOAIM Septic Tank Treatment contains the best quality live bacteria that treat your septic tank (monthly) with just one flush. More than residential and commercial properties, BIOAIM is great for boats and RV’s, too. This product’s science-based formula is made with all-natural and bio-active cultures, enzyme, and a dye in a wheat bran carrier that can digest and reduce the amount of solid waste found in your septic tank and into your drain field.

Alicorn Ecotech Septic Tank Treatment and Activator

Alicorn Ecotech’s Septic Tank Treatment and Activator is a natural bio-organic solution that stimulates biological digestion within your septic system. It is able to effectively digest sludge, grease, and solid waste. This Septic Tank Treatment and Activator from Alicorn Ecotech contains components that are extracted from sustainably-harvested, naturally-occurring kelp and is organic, non-toxic, and 100% biodegradable.

Septic-Flow | Septic System Shock Repair

Septic Flow Shock chemically aids in reversing “deadpan” or “hard soil” that forms after years of sodium build-up. It improves slow or sluggish drain fields by restoring water availability to your drain field. Septic Flow Shock Septic System Repair is 100% natural and eco-friendly.

Rid-X Septic System Treatment

Rid-X Septic System Treatment helps prevent septic back-ups by continuously breaking down household waste. These pre-measured, easy-to-use dissolvable pouches are safe for use in pipes and tanks. The natural bacteria and advanced enzymes in Rid-X Septic System Treatment start working immediately to break down paper, protein, oils & grease.

Health and Body (14)

14 Health and Body Products that are also Septic Safe

All organic waste from the human body is broken down by a natural biological process. Enzymes break down organic waste, making it easy for bacteria to digest them. Many synthetic chemicals inhibit this natural process from completing. A good rule of thumb is to avoid hair and body soaps (and other toiletries) that have the anti-bacterial ingredient in them. For personal toiletries, it is always best to stick with products made from mild and natural ingredients.

Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shave Cream

Formulated with safe and natural, plant-derived ingredients, Pacific Shaving Company’s Natural Shave Cream gives you the smoothest shave possible without risking razor burn. Your skin is safe from redness, irritation, and bumps with Pacific Shaving Company’s paraben- and synthetic fragrance-free formula. Pacific Shaving Company’s vegan formula in its Natural Shave Cream includes certified organic ingredients that keep even the most sensitive skin healthy, soothed, and hydrated.

Brickell Men’s Invigorating Mint Body Wash for Men

Men of any age with any skin type who want a better shower experience should try Brickell Men’s Invigorating Mint Body Wash. This invigorating, natural body wash for men deep-cleans the skin of oil, sweat, and grime without stripping away skin’s essential moisture. This natural and organic men’s body wash is packed with extracts and vitamins that moisturize and protect. It has coconut-based cleansers and tea tree oil that clean deep into the skin, getting rid of oil and grime.

Puracy Natural Body Wash

Developed by a team of PhD chemists for daily use by men and women with all skin types, Puracy Natural Body Wash removes impurities, hydrates, and washes away completely, leaving your skin soft, and clean. It contains coconut-based cleansers that create rich, luxurious foam; clinical-grade moisturizers to hydrate; and sea salt that purifies and balances. Plant-derived formulation with no harsh chemicals is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten-free, biodegradable, and rinses away 100%, leaving no residue behind.

Method Gel Hand Wash

Method Gel Hand Wash leaves hands feeling soft, clean and awesomely scented. This naturally-derived gel hand wash is paraben-free and biodegradable. Method Gel Hand Wash also comes in 100% recycled and recyclable plastic bottles.

Bon Vital’ Organica Massage Lotion

A rich blend of certified organic ingredients, including jojoba and olive oil, shea butter, and aloe vera, Bon Vital’ Organica Massage Lotion provides an earth-friendly, full-body massage that softens dry skin and leaves a lasting, natural moisture. Bon Vital’ Organica Massage Lotion is unscented, gluten- and paraben-free, and manufactured with vital, organic ingredients. It comes in easy-pump bottles for your convenience.

Wondercide Natural Soap

Gently cleanse skin with natural anti-bacterial protection, Wondercide Natural Soap is made with aloe vera that promotes healing and health. Wondercide’s Natural Soap helps to repel insects with aromatic, therapeutic-grade essential oils. It is gentle enough to use several times a week for cleaning dry, itchy skin and to protect against insect bites. Wondercide is naturally-derived with no harsh chemicals like alcohol, parabens, sulfates, and gluten and is safe for you, your pets and the environment when used as directed.

Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Pure-Castile Soap is formulated with organic and vegan ingredients for a rich, emollient lather and a fully-moisturized after-feel. Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Pure-Castile Liquid Soap uses organic hemp, olive, and coconut oil to nourish your skin, leaving it clean and healthy. Scented with pure lavender and lavander oils to calm the mind and soothe the body, Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap is concentrated, biodegradable, versatile and effective. It contains no synthetic detergents or preservatives, thus totally safe to use on your hands, face, or hair.

Puracy Natural Liquid Hand Soap

Puracy Natural Liquid Hand Soap is created by doctors and fortified with vitamin E, sea salt, and aloe vera to naturally hydrate and balance all skin types. You get thick, honey-like hand soap that quickly creates foam while naturally moisturizing and softening your skin. Puracy Natural Liquid Hand Soap has no sulfates (SLS, SLES, SCS), triclosan, petrochemicals, perfumes, animal by-products, or other harsh chemicals. It is natural, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten-free, and biodegradable.

Arnica Soap – 100% Natural and Organic Sports Soap

If you do cross fit, yoga, running or Zumba, this is a great soap for you. Arnica Soap luxurious sports soap that is 100% natural and organic. Arnica Soap is abundantly infused with the arnica herb is and lightly-scented with 100% pure essential oils. Arnica Soap is hand-crafted in small batches and is made with certified organic oils and 100% pure essential oils which are biodegradable.

Holy Lama Naturals Face Wash

Holy Lama Naturals Face Wash is mild and gentle, yet is an effective cleanser that leaves a soothing and calming feel for all skin types. You’ll look younger with a healthier and fresher complexion. Holy Lama Naturals Face Wash is made with naturally-derived ingredients, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Everyone 3-in-1 Citrus and Mint Soap

Everyone 3-in-1 Citrus and Mint Soap is a multi-tasking soap formulated to be used as shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath. Everyone 3-in-1 is a blend of pure orange, lavender and peppermint essential oils for the invigorating and refreshing scent. Its plant-derived cleansers and botanical extracts create a nourishing, foamy lather that’s great for any skin type.

Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Bar Soap

Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Bar Soap is ideal for washing both body and face. With no synthetic detergents or preservatives, your skin is nourished with every wash. Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Bar Soap is multi-use – as a conventional body scrub, facial cleanser, or you can dilute it in various recipes for anything from a pest spray to laundry wash. This moisturizing bar soap offers organic and vegan ingredients for a rich, emollient lather.  This gentle yet powerful soap is certified organic by the USDA National Organic Program and certified Vegan by Vegan Action.

Puracy Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Designed for men and women alike, Puracy Natural Shampoo and Conditioner is perfect for all hair types. Puracy Natural Shampoo and Conditioner are sulfate-free coconut-based cleansers that create a rich, luxurious lather. Puracy Natural is packed with vitamins E and B5, olive oil-based Squalene, and beet sugar extracts, that this hair set will surely hydrate and strengthen your hair while eliminating frizz. Puracy Natural Shampoo and Conditioner are made from a plant-derived formulation with no harsh chemicals, animal by-products, perfumes, dyes or caustics, so you can be sure that they’re non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten-free, and biodegradable.

Puracy Natural Baby Bubble Bath

Puracy Natural Baby Bubble Bath is rich in coconut-derived cleansers that create rich, long-lasting bubbles. Its aloe, apple, avocado, banana, mango, muskmelon, papaya, peach, and pomegranate extracts leave your baby’s skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated. Naturally tear-free and hypoallergenic because Puracy uses only the purest, gentle ingredients. Puracy Natural Baby Bubble Bath is all-natural, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten-free, and biodegradable.

Washing things down the drain of your sinks, tubs, and showers is one of the easiest ways to dispose of liquid waste. This is not to say that we should all be discarding carelessly in this manner. We all need to consider one important factor: your septic tank. Because your tank relies on bacteria to break down waste that ends up there, we all basically need to avoid flushing or draining anything that will harm these helpful microscopic organisms. Normally, bacteria break down 95 percent of waste, leaving only 5 percent behind. If these bacteria are compromised, the septic tank may begin to clog and overflow, potentially leading to a flooded drain field and contamination of groundwater.

Whenever you run your faucets or flush your toilet, water and waste travel to your septic tank. There, solids like toilet paper sink to the bottom and contribute to the sludge layer that develops over time. Natural bacteria will decompose some of this sludge, but the accumulation is the main reason you need to have your septic tank pumped periodically. And even if you are religious about getting your tank pumped on schedule, it is, of course, always best to not unnecessarily flush solid matter down the toilet and draining potentially non-biodegradable substances to avoid clogging. Blockages within your septic system are highly possible if you are not careful, especially if your drain piping is small in diameter, old, poorly installed, or have unnecessary bends or sharp angles. Septic-safe toilet paper and other septic-friendly cleaning products help significantly in reducing the risks of septic emergencies and help sustain the lifespan of your septic system. Discerning and considerate use of any septic tank system is always key. Your on-site dedicated septic tank system serves the same role as larger-scale municipal waste treatment plants. Just that, instead of staff engineers and trained technicians, there’s just you to keep everything operational. Owning a home or business property, especially one that relies on an on-site septic system, comes with a number of responsibilities. Your septic tank system requires proper care and maintenance to keep it in good shape for years and years to come.









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