Is Charmin Toilet Paper Septic Safe?

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Is Charmin Toilet Paper Safe For Septic Tanks?

If you have a home or commercial property that depends on a septic system for waste disposal then you know the importance of only using septic safe products.

The use of septic safe products is essential in ensuring that your septic system works properly and that you avoid potential problems or early degradation of your septic systems life expectancy.

But, a lot of us are stuck choosing between the brands and products they love to use and what’s in the best interest of the long-term use of their septic system. If you prefer Charmin Toilet paper, then you may be wondering if it is Septic Safe?

Is Charmin Toilet Paper Septic Safe? Yes, according to the manufacturer’s website, Charmin toilet paper is safe to use in not only sewers but also septic systems.

Charmin’s website explicitly notes:

Yes. Charmin is septic safe and thoroughly tested to ensure it will settle in a septic tank and then undergo biodegradation in the tank.

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You can get Charmin Septic Safe Toilet Paper directly from Amazon if you would like it sent directly to your house.

Does Charmin Offer Any Septic Safe Guarantee?

Charmin Guarantee

This is a guarantee as stated on the Charmin Website.

Charmin toilet paper and flushable wipes are clog safe and septic safe, guaranteed! If you experience a clog due to your use of Charmin toilet paper, we’ll refund your purchase price. For more information click here.

Are Charmin Flushable Wipes Septic Safe?

Yes, Charmin Freshmates Wipes are said to be septic safe on the company website. However, they make a point of saying you should only use one or two wipes at a time. So, we recommend keeping that in mind.

Although the manufacturers tout their wipes a septic safe, you still want to limit the use as much as possible.

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