How to Find Your Septic Tank with a Metal Detector?

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How to Find Your Septic Tank with a Metal Detector?

Finding a septic tank with a metal detector is a common way to find the location of the tank. When you have no idea where the septic tank is, using a metal detector is an easy option. It is often accurate and easy to use. In this article, we discuss the circumstances when you need a metal detector to find a septic tank, how it is used, safety measures when using one, and a lot more.

So, how to find your septic tank with a metal detector?.  Septic tanks are generally buried between 1 to 3 feet underground and can be located with a metal detector. This space is usually between 10 to 20 feet from your home. The metal detector produces a sound as soon as it finds the reinforcement bars of a concrete septic tank.

Keep reading to know when you can use a metal detector to find the septic tank, the precautionary measures you need to take, and about other ways of finding the septic tank.

metal detector to find septic tank


The Need of a Metal Detector to Find the Septic Tank

One of the reasons why experts fail to locate the septic tank is because they do not ask if the septic tank is connected to municipal or it is not. If it is not connected to the municipal lines, the search for the septic tank can begin.

Another way to find the septic tank is to look for the exit drain. A pumping snake can help in finding the terminal. This is an easy way to find the position of the septic tank.

But there can be situations when all the above methods do not help. In such a situation a metal detector helps find the bars of the septic tank.


How to Find the Spot Where You Will Use the Metal Detector to Look for The Septic

If you have a big yard, it might not be practically possible to move around the whole area using the metal detector. Thus, you need to look for some signs which might suggest the presence of a septic tank.

Consider the Following When Using A Metal Detector:

  • Look for a bald section in the yard. This is especially helpful if the house is surrounded by small grasses or shrubs. You can use your metal detector in this spot
  • You can use your metal detector in a section of land, where the grass color is different.
  • In case the area has a lot of muddy or dried sand, there will be a section, where the level of the ground is not the same as the other. You can check this area with the metal detector.
  • It is recommended to start using your metal detector at least 10 feet away from your home. A septic tank is generally built at such a distance.

Selecting the Metal Detector When You Want to Find the Septic Tank

Experts who select a metal detector to find the septic tank, consider several things. These help in finding the septic tank quickly and without much effort.

  • The metal detector should ideally have a good diameter. This is essential because it helps in increasing the sensitivity level.
  • Select a metal detector which is convenient. It should be adjustable and of a size which you find convenient to use.
  • Do not forget to purchase other accessories like shovels which will help you in the next step.
  • Select a metal detector which reproduces a sound which you are familiar and can hear properly. If you do not check this, you might have to strain your ears a lot.

Safety Precautions as You Use a Metal Detector To Find a Septic Tank

If you wish to find a septic tank and using a metal detector, you need to ensure some safety precautions.

  • Be careful when you are moving with the metal detector. The soil should not be sinking.
  • Stay away from dry wells. Instead, you can look for the space where most of these pipes move to.
  • To be safe you can also use your safety dress. Also, do not wear steel shoes or else you might get some false signals when looking for the septic tank.


Why Do I Need To Find My Septic Tank?

Why is it necessary that you need to know the correct location of your septic system?

This is important because you might have to find the tank when there are some problems in the system and you need to get it fixed, or when it to be pumped.

There are some preparatory tasks which you need to complete before professionals’ step in. If you ensure these tasks are complete, you will be able to save money & time, as experts will not have to wait or find the septic tank.

Here are some reasons why it is necessary that you know the location of the septic tank.

  • For Scheduled Maintenance – It is good practice to have the septic tank inspected time and again. Thus, any problem which might be in the tank can be detected soon and repaired before it is late.
  • Pumping – Septic tanks need pumping, and this is when professionals ask for the location of the tank. This is one occasion when you must guide them towards the tank.
  • Issues in the system – You might want to check the system for some reason. This can be due to frequent clogging, some sounds or stench. You would like to know if there is leakage around the pump. Thus, you must know the location so that you can quickly inspect what is happening.
  • Buying and Selling a Property – If you are buying a property or when you are selling one, you need to know the location of the septic tank.

If it is an old property, you can ask the original homeowner about the location of the septic tank. If it is a new property, you can check the property papers yourself, as it will have all the details.


Questions Related to Finding a Septic Tank Using a Metal Detector

  • How deep are septic tanks located?

Septic tanks generally measure 5 feet by 8 feet. The components of the septic tank such as its lid are buried between 4 inches & 4 feet underground. A metal detector can be used to find the location.

  • How does the metal detector find the septic tank lid?

Metal detectors can easily find septic tanks if the top of the tank is made from steel. If manhole cover is made from steel, it will also produce the signal. Besides this, the detector alerts when it can find the relocation bars.

  • Can I lift the septic tank lid after finding it with a metal detector?

It is advised not to try lifting the lid as it is usually quite heavy. Besides, it needs special tactics and skills to remove the lid. You will need the right tools and help as well or else you might injure yourself.

Use a good quality metal detector if you feel the need to find one to find your septic tank. A good quality metal detector will work quite efficiently and serve the purpose. Once you find the septic tank, do not forget to mark its location, so that you do not have to search for it the next time.