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A septic tank’s aerator air pump is crucial to the proper functioning of your septic system. Specifically, it allows for the waste to be “eaten up” properly as well as helps break down large solids into smaller pieces making it easier for the Aerobic bacteria to break it down. Without the infusion of oxygen provided by the aerator pump, these steps would not be possible and your septic system would fail.

So, what are the best septic tank aerator air pumps? When looking for the best septic tank aerator air pumps, consider the capacity of your septic tank system, the air diffuser style within the septic tank, and the total volume (in Gallons Per Day rating) that the septic tank system can treat. High-end air pumps will have alarms that let you know when the pressure is low and they need replacement.

While there are many components you need to pay attention to in finding the correct aerator pump for your septic tank system, once you find the correct dimensions for your system, choosing an aerator pump as well as installing it should be rather simple. In this article, I have included a few of the best septic tank aerator air pumps based on testing them or interviewing people who own each of these to find out what will work best for you. No need to worry about your purchase as you will be able to have confidence that each of these will work for your needs.

Features to Look For in the Best Septic Tank Aerator Air Pumps

Before I can give you an accelerated list of the best septic tank aerator air pumps on the market, I think it is important that you know some of the general lingo associated with these devices/systems as well as how they play into the respective features. As mentioned above, it is important to consider the capacity of your septic tank system, the air diffuser style, and the total volume (in Gallons Per Day- GPD- rating) that the septic tank system can withstand. 


With this, you will be looking for specific dimensions that can fit your new device with your pre-existing septic system. This should not be too difficult to find matching parts as they are generally labeled with the aforementioned categories. However, it is critical that you find the right match or your new septic tank aerator air pump will be worthless with respect to your septic system- no matter how nice either of them is independently.

First, in considering what size air pump you need, you need to consider the capacity of your septic tank system. This needs to be an appropriate volume for what the aerator will be able to fill/provide for. Too large or too small capacity with even the nicest aerator air pump will yield inefficient or non-existent results and a failed septic tank system.

Second, in considering the air diffuser style within the septic tank system. For example, the type of air diffusion that takes place for murky pond water will look entirely different from the way the system processes the water for your regular septic system use within your household. The styles will vary, so just be sure to find the one that is appropriate for what you are looking for.

Third, in considering the total volume that the septic tank system can withstand, you want to make sure that the GPD (gallons per day) rating is equivalent to your aerator air pump as what your septic system calls for. This will ensure that an appropriate ratio of water, waste, and oxygen are filtered through the system to provide for the desired results.

Common lingo to look out for with septic tank aerator air pumps includes acronyms such as GPD (gallons per day), CFM (cubic feet per minute), and LPM (liters per minute). Each septic system will have its own measurements and you simply need to match your new aerator pump to the appropriate model. If you are in doubt, there are generally guides online that can refer you to a correct match, or you can contact your local hardware store that sells these types of devices for advice.

Finally, there are many newer models of aerator pumps that have come out with an alarm system. This can be a low- or high-pitched sound or can have a flashing light. This alarm is set to alert you indicating when the pressure from the aerator pump is too low. Once you see or hear this alarm, you will know that your device needs to be replaced unless you want your septic system to backup or malfunction.

These alarms can be incredibly useful as they can make the difference between a preventative replacement and a huge mess that has to be cleaned up either by you (which is extremely messy) or by a professional (which can be very costly). Investing in a device with this “bell and whistle” is worthy of your money and time.

What are the Best Septic Tank Aerator Air Pumps?

Now that we have covered the features to look for when finding the right septic tank aerator air pump for your septic system, here are a few of the top recommendations for products on the market.

ET100A Septic Air Pump w/Low-Pressure Alarm & Back Pressure Safety Valve 

This product has several of the top features. It not only has an alarm feature but also includes a safety valve (as mentioned in the name). These help to maximize the aerator service life as well as provide you a high-functioning septic system.

This device claims to be the only one of its kind that is “protected against aerator pipe obstructions” that could save you quite a headache. At 80LPM for a 500GPD residential septic system, this economical choice is one of the best and most affordable on the market.

Hiblow HP120LL (Long Life) Air Pump

The Hiblow HP 120LL (Long Life) Air Pump has an extremely high-quality air pressure system which results in a 5.2CFM max airflow resulting in 120LPM of air. This can be used on any 750GPD to 1000GPD device that is more commonly seen in industrial-grade septic systems.

Though this device does not come with an alarm system on it, it does have the fitting where you could add one. On the bright side, this has a long life meaning that its higher initial cost will benefit you in the long-haul as this is expected to last closer to 5 years as compared to the 2-3 year range that most other competitors come with. This device is definitely more on the expensive side compared to other devices, but you will be investing in a device that lasts much longer and provides a high-capacity performance.

Hiblow HP80 Septic Linear Air Pump (w/Back Pressure Safety Valve)

Another Hiblow product (as this is a top product line), this device claims to be the longest-lasting septic air pump on the market and this claim seems to be true among user feedback. This device has a long life which makes the investment worth it- and it is rather affordable anyways as it is more for residential or pond septic systems.

This device can be used with many 500GPD systems and produces an airflow of 4.2CFM at 80LPM. This device does not come with an alarm system though it does come in a similar model that was made with one; this one does have the hookups for an alarm system of your own, though. It is up to you to choose if that feature is worth it to you (though I highly recommend an alarm system of some sort).


Though there are many varieties of aerator pumps for your septic system that can be found on the market, it is important to discover the dimensions you are looking for and then choose a product that can best fit these. In this market, the bells and whistles literally come in the form of an alarm, and you can also search for more powerful devices as long as your system will be able to withstand this upgrade.


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